This prominent attorney and political Figure is a known Lothario in St Maarten. Although he’s married, he flaunts his mistresses right under his wife’s nose. Well maybe this is karma, but for the past two years he’s being carrying on a very torrid, steamy cyber affair, with a hot blond Dutch girl. The problem is, this hot White Dutch girl is a man. The person contacted me, but I didn’t believe so I came over and watched him sext with this politician. I even got the chance to pretend to be “hot, blond, dutch girl” and was communicating with this politician too. This politician could easily see his own “Weinergate” should he choose to run in the upcoming elections, and this person decides to post the email exchange. This politician has a God comlex, so even as Minister he was carrying on lot of online cyber relationships with a lot of. This prominent politician can be a bit erratic, and he has sent pictures of his penis online.

So we’ll see if figures out this blind item, and stops emailing pictures of his penis to random ladies on line, because in this case your blond Is a Black dude, laughing his ass off, and when he communicates with you, he invites his pals over to join the fun.




This Minister got his job, because he was mostly unknown by the St Maarten public, but now it seems everyone has a problem with this Minister. Too many dirty deeds. Various people have been emailing complaints of unethical behaviour, and straight rip offs. There is growing content on this Minister behind the scenes, and none of it is any good. This Minister is so unscrupulous, he’s only been in office for two months, and he has already been voted onto the “Alla Dem Tief” video 🙂