This politician believes he fooling people but he’ not. People know that he’s gay, but they don’t care. I set up a lotta social sites 4 other people. So I had to help “Charles” set up his facebook. Now Charles is a very attactive, chocolate skinned Black dude with green eyes. Turns out…….That’s this politicians favorite type!! So I’m setting up Charles account, and the politician contacts me. Within 5 minutes “Charles” and him had set a date, made plans to meet down at Tantra…..

Sorry I stood you up 😦 I stood you up because I’m not a Black, green eyed dude name Charles 🙂 Were I as evil as they say I am, I coulda drag my ass down to Tantra at Midnight, just to make your life miserable. 🙂

You know who you are, you know who I am. I think that you could actually get a lotta votes, if you were the 1st local politician to come outta the closet….there are soooo many.

Let people like and accept you 4 who you are.

And this person is not in parliament nor a minister right now.

He’s working in the private sector, but we do have gay ministers and parliamentarians…

No secret there.charlesatraquelshouse