I have the photos of the attendees also these are the photos of the veteran line up the only person not present was Mr George Pantophlet who is still very much a part of  The St Maarten National Alliance, according to the tale told he was asked about the “fence jumpers”, but he said that the fence was too high or him. There will be 23 candidates on the 2014 National Alliance slate, but they only introduced the veterans, and I did meet a few of their new ‘surprises’, but I’ll save those f0r after Theo and Sarah’s 2014 campaign launches, which they’re supposed to be doing together. But remember this is the melee site, not the news site. Coming up lotsa great photos of National Alliance devotees who came all the way to the Westin for the 2014. There were also the spies sent from other political camps who came to record the session or take notes. They kept the speeches pretty clean, the only true reference to Dr Lloyd, Richardson and Patrick Illidge were certain “fence jumping” remarks. Videos also coming up with the National Alliance and all the attendees. Having the function at Westin, brought down the attendance numbers, since most National Alliance supporters tend to be in less posh areas. I’m assuming they will do their official launch somewhere closer to the grassroots.

Many more photos and videos to come.

And no, I haven’t forgotten Leroy de Weever. Right now I’m dealing with the Prosecutors office and Lands Recherche, if they don’t take care of that thieving, woman-beating, misogynist, I certainly will.

And according to Leroy de Weever on camera he has the best lawyers, so Mr Petrus Leroy “cunt-punt” de Weever can sue me for calling him a drunken, thieving, woman-beating, misogynist. 🙂

Much more to come

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