And they’re saying William Brooks, will be making a comeback to GEBE. Evidently there were no major outages in St Kitts, which tells you that William Brooks was NOT the problem. Julius Lambert, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Directors of GEBE, has informed GEBE’s Shareholder Representative Minister Maurice Lake that he will resign from the company as of January 8, ending his involvement with GEBE after more than thirty years. So Theo Heyliger, might be getting his wish to get his percentage outta every St Maartener with GEBE.

Julius Lambert went into details as to why he was resigning, but the people are not as naive as they used to be. Julius Lambert his cronyism, nepotism and incompetence is why St Maarten is still in the toilet. The Tourist WILL care, with or without generators, it has to be made public that the locals who cannot buy generators are suffering.

There are so many egos at GEBE, Leaders in the company seem more concerned about the politics, and their legacy. In the meantime GEBE seems to be getting worse, and the St Maartener is the one dealing with the brunt of higher electricity, destruction of appliances due to recurrent power outages. GEBE has constitently allowed water mains to break, destroy people’s yards and propery and refused to pay. Neither the leaders at GEBE, nor their shareholders/board members care anything about the St Maarten.Only in St Maarten will the Power Company increase your December bill, to assist with their bonuses, and to make sure that they have the fanciest Christmas decorations during the Holiday. I take photos of GEBE’s elaborate Christmas displays, as they skyrocket their meters in December, and people get twice the bill. There are many conflicts between GEBE and citizens due to destruction of property, and GEBE’s response is….THEY WILL DESTROY YOUR PROPERTY, AND WILL NOT PAY for it. Government will have to be addressed during the election year about GEBE concerns. There are thousands of documents, hundreds photos showing the destruction GEBE is causing to people’s property. Yard, Walls, homes, and they acknowledge being responsible, but refuse to do anything about it.. why should they care? When it’s not an election year.

Well this year, the leaders in GEBE have to be held accountable! They have destroyed peoples property and lives. They don’t believe in karma, and they’ve done so much wrong.

I’m glad Lambert us going. Under Julius Lambert St Maarten’s Electricity and Power are worse than those at a Darfur refugee camp. The Politicians and elite don’t care, because they have generators.

This Election, The Politicians will be BEATEN with the GEBE fiasco. The Groups/pages have been set up

It’s on in 2014

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